About the foundation

About the Foundation “SVOI DETI”


Charitable Fund "SVOI DETI" was founded in 2009. The main goal of the Foundation is the harmonious development of our children –  children from the foster houses on the territory of Sverdlovsk region. Foundation "SVOI DETI" brings together many social institutions institutions, such as foster houses,  boarding schools etc.

We are sure there are not ordinary children, there are children who haven't got a wise advise about their life way in time.

"SVOI DETI" is one of the few Russian leisure and educational charity. We look at life in a positive way and offer to the children following projects:

1. Our own sport

The aim of the project: propaganda of healthy lifestyles, involving children in sports activities on a systematic basis, searching sports talents and help in their development.

2. Sport briefing

The aim of the project: to teach young sportsmen to plan their lives, to make decisions and to achieve their goals. Thanks to the project children have the opportunity for personal contact with real sport's Champions. 

3. Our own games

The aim of the project: to support development of new team sports on a small areas.

4. Our own finalist 

The aim of the project: to organize a number of of training modules aimed at forming social skills and world view that will help children to settle in life successfully. 

5.  Our own safety culture

The aim of the project: to form an idea about safe behavior on the road and public transport. Prevention of child injury on the roads.

6. Our own genius

The aim of the project: to develop the talented children from the foster houses, boarding schools and dysfunctional families.

7. Independent football League

The aim of the project: to provide an opportunity for the children to be involved in football in tournament events.

We are supported by the Ministry of physical culture, sport and youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region, Verkhotursky and the Yekaterinburg diocese, the sports Federation of the Sverdlovsk region.

Charitable Fund “SVOI DETI invites volunteers, sponsors and simply not indifferent people for cooperation . Our principle is absolute transparency in the financial activities. You can choose the direction in which you would like to cooperate with the Foundation "SVOI DETI". Remember, other people's children there, and we are grateful to every indifferent response, any support for, participate in the lives of young Russians!