Our own paralympian

In Russia there are more than 10 million disabled invalids (about 7 % of the population) and not all of them are passive. Many of them need sports and physical rehabilitation. At the moment it’s developing such kind of sport like “ParaTaekwondo”. These kind of martial arts are not already included in the list of Paralympic sports, but every effort is made to include Taekwondo into the programme of the Paralympic games in 2016.


Creation the conditions for strengthening of the physical and mental health of people by bringing them to regular sports activities;
- Organization the leisure for children, providing them the opportunities for self-realization;

Activities in the framework of the project:
- To organize free trainings for people from the target group;
- To provide them with free sports uniforms, clothing, shoes, implements;
- To provide them with transport and support to attend the classes;
- To do a reconstruction of the indoor sports hall where people from the target group would have classes;
- To pay scholarships to the best ones among target groups;
- To help in participation to different levels sports competitions

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